February 2018  
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Gap Creek is committed to spreading the Gospel of Christ across the world both financially, spiritually, and physically .

 Gap Creek regularly supports 16 missionaries (many of whom are former members) and commits 40% of the budget to supporting missionaries. Within the sanctuary, Gap Creek flies the flags of those supported missionaries and in each service a missionary newsletter is highlighted during a missions moment. 

There are many other areas of service in which the members of Gap Creek participate in both locally and around the world. Gap also currently has members invlovled with International Disaster Emergency Service and the Women's Care Center of Seymour. Several of our church members use the summer and vacation times to volunteer their time working at camps and organizations all over the US. Finally, last summer our youth group took a trip to Puerto Rico to visit with Robert Young (former member of Gap Creek and principal of Puerto Rico Christian School) and work at his school.  This summer we also helped sponsor one of our college members who is working this summer in Romania.