Jr. and Sr. High Youth Programs

Jr. and Sr. High Youth Ministry

The Junior and Senior Youth Groups are led by youth minister Seth Hale and include Sunday School, Inversion (Sunday Nights), and Wednesday night small group Bible Study.  The Youth Group also participates in various activities throughout the year including food drives, volunteer work around the community, local and national mission trips, lock-ins, teen conferences and much more.

The purpose of the Junior High and Senior High Groups are to take students' faith to the next level by combining more advanced theology, experiences from the students' lives, and in-depth Bible Studies.  Here we tackle the difficult issues facing our students and the church in an attempt to raise up the next leaders of the Church. Most of the trips, activities, and classes are taught by Seth with the help of church members and college student volunteers.

For more information on the youth ministry program contact youth minister Seth Hale.

All student and church member volunteers are screened and approved by the Church board using an official screening process.